Here you see a Polar Bear coming right up to some chained
dogs in Alaska. Normally this would have been the bears late
night snack but this bear wanted to play. No dogs were hurt and
the bear stayed and played for over an hour.
Below is Finnegan the squirrel. His mother was killed in an accident with
an electrical transformer. The dog took him in and raised him like her own.
The fawn was eventually collected by it's
mother. The horses seemed to be taking
care of and standing guard over the baby.
Here Kitty Kitty
This is a "Liger". It is the baby produced when a Lion male and a Tiger
female mated. There are more of them around but this one is huge and
I thought that you would enjoy seeing it. When a Tiger male mates with
a Lion female the babies are smaller and they are called "Tions".
This baby is 3 years old and weighs over
1000 pounds. He eats at least 20 pounds
of meat a day and can consume as much
as 100 pounds if he is allowed to. He is
over 10 feet long
His name is Hercules
When hurricane Hannah separated two white tigers from their mother, Anjana came to the Rescue.  Anjana, a chimp at TIGERS in
South Carolina, became surrogate mom and playmate to the cubs, even helping with bottle feeding, (according to The Sun).  But
here's the truly amazing part - Anjana does this all the time, having raised leopard and lion cubs.
The moose pictured here is a real
moose that used to live in the woods. It
started sharing pasture with the horses
that the man uses for logging and
would run away every time the man
would come to get the horses or feed
The man did not try to get the moose
to come to him because they are
notoriously dangerous when they are
frightened or aroused in some way.

One day the moose just started
staying close when the man would feed
or harness the horses and one day he
started eating the horses food while
the man was putting on the horses
harness for the days work.
This went on for over a week and then
the moose followed the team into the
woods and walked back and forth with
them as they worked.
Finally the man was able to make
friends with the moose and was able to
curry him (which the moose likes) and
then the moose started getting in the
way trying to get into the harness as
they were getting ready for work. The
man made up a temporary harness
and the moose walked out to work just
like the horses. He finally had a real
harness made for the moose and it
goes to work every day just like the
horses. It is also now living in a shed
on the farm. It is not locked in for
several reasons but it seems to like the
roof over it and the company of the
horses and the man.
Here you see a catfish that tried to
swallow a small basketball. It was so
tired from trying to swim down with it
that they were able to catch him
and then had to cut the ball to get it
out of his mouth
This bear managed to get trapped
on the bridge. A lot of people went
to a lot of trouble to get it down