On this part of the page I will try to answer any and all questions that you ask. I try to be honest and straight forward with my answer to any question. I do ask that the
asker keep the questions within the bounds of normally accepted decency.
My new wife and I right after the
I am at the house in Arkansas and will be headed to a chili cook-off in Brownstown, Illinois that will benefit the Association of Christian Truckers and their roll of helping
people in the transportation industry. They also have a food bank that we (Trucker Charity) help to support.

That will be May the 28-30 and then I will head home to get ready for a personal trip to Houston, Texas to see my oldest grandson get married.

As soon as I get back home from the wedding I get to go to Oak Grove, Missouri to a truck show and help to raise awareness of the charity I drive the coach for. That
will be June 12 and 13. Then I will go home and will not have to go again until August unless there is a need for the coaches services.

Welcome to the new school year.
My wife and I are in Branson, MO now for a few days of shows and fun. We only live a hundred or so miles from here but never seem to get a chance to get
We are using to AMCOACH as a motorhome and are in an RV park here in the area. We plan to see Silver Dollar City tomorrow (10 SEP 2015) afternoon and then
a show tomorrow night. The next day is not planned yet so we will have some freedom to pick something we want to do instead of locking ourselves into a plan.
We will head for home on Sat. and then back to normal on Mon the 14th.
I also have a doctors appointment on the 14th so we will see how that goes.
pdated 09SEP2015
I have little to say here except that I am looking forward to the holidays.
The charity has not been very busy this last month or so and that is both good and bad. Good that noone needed
our services but bad because we are not helping many people.
In about 13 days we are leaving here to go go the east coast for Christmas and New Years with family and then we
will come back over here and start doing what we were doing before the holidays.
I hope that each of you has a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year
updated 07DEC2015
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