Hello one and All,
I hope that each of you will find something of interest to you.
Parents and teachers you may rest assured that any link I add here in
my pages has been visited by myself and examined closely for content
and other links.
I will add several that have educational information and hope that each
of you that visits one of the sites will learn something of interest to you
so that you can tell others things that they did not know.
Please don't be frightened, this is only me.
Here I will say that I hope each of you will
visit the "
Trucker Buddy " website to see some
of the other drivers and teachers websites and
to learn about this wonderful program.
I have been a member of this fine organization
since 1993  and each year finds me looking
forward to next year. The kids give me reason
to keep driving across this wonderful  land of
ours. I learn from them every year and I hope
that   each class has learned something from
me. I try to give them math, science,
geography, and history questions and  I have
added recently word search puzzles in my
pages as   well as a page for trivia.
I hope that you enjoy each and every visit.
Here I will try to tell you about me.
I was born in Little Rock, AR on the 11th of October 1948. We lived in Malvern, AR until 1964 when we had a house fire and moved to Hot Springs, AR
where I graduated  high school in 1966.
I went into the
US NAVY at the age of 17 and was in Viet Nam for 4 years. Then I went on to complete my career in the Navy and went into law enforcement
in southern Texas but that did not work out too well because I got hurt so I moved to Washington  State and joined the Department of Defense as a Security
Officer at a Trident Submarine Base. I was there for about a year and they decideed they needed to save money so they laid some of the newer officers off. I
was almost the newest so I was one of the first to go.
That brought me to the point of having to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of  my life and it was not to sit around and do nothing so I started driving a
truck for a small company. I had learned to drive while in the Navy and now I was putting that skill  to work to earn a living for my wife and myself. That lasted
about a year and the owner  of the company told me that he was going to sell all the trucks and get out of the business. He said that I could look for another job
and still drive his truck and he would stay in business till I got a "Seat" (we call it a seat in trucking because we sit in a seat so  much).
Please remember
our service men
and  women. Keep
the torch burning
bright  for their safe
I had chatted with several Marten Transportation drivers and thought that they seemed happy with their jobs so I decided to apply there. That was a Tuesday and
after  my physical exam and drug screen came back I went to work on Thursday. I called the owner of the small company and told him what was up and he had
me take the truck to a dealer in Seattle, WA. (We lived in Port Orchard, WA at this time) Then my wife came to get me and we drove to OR where I  had been
hired and I went to work that Thursday afternoon (that was over 23 years and more than 2,700,000 accident free miles ago) just outside of Portland,OR. On
Monday I was in Atlanta, GA and had  been to Mondovi, WI in the meantime. I had help with all that trip because another driver who had hired on in Idaho
was helping me do the driving. We were in Mondovi, WI at our home office by Sunday  morning early and I had to get into another truck because the one we
were in had to be repaired. The other driver had to move as well and when we finished that I had to really  go to get to Atlanta on Monday evening. That was
early in 1988. We moved back to Arkansas in 1990 and I have been   moving things across this wonderful country of ours ever since.
My wife died in 1996 and now I am dating a Lady from Charlotte, NC. I also usually have a stuffed (don't tell her) Teddy Bear named Miss Kornie Nebraska
who travels with me. She helps with the driving from time to time but had a small problem last time   on the way home and her head fell off while it was her turn
to drive. That makes me be  in the truck alone for a while. I sometimes have both the Ladies with me (Kornie and Elizabeth) that seems to be a pretty good
arrangement because they seem to get along pretty well. During the summers Lady Elizabeth stays at her house to help her daughter take care of the children so
that there will be no day care expenses and then in the winter she rides with me most of the time.
I have been in almost all the free countries of the world and some that were not. I enjoy  driving (almost anything), bowling, fixing old cars, music of most types,
hunting and fishing, watching the Razorbacks, hikes in the woods, long distance target shooting, pistol shooting, and of course reading letters from "my kids" and
spending time with Elizabeth and the grand and now the great-grand kids.