Truck Driver Training Schools in the US

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required for those people, who want to operate heavy vehicles in the US for commercial purposes. The commercial motor vehicles are divided into numerous types that require various CDLs. Some of them are universal, while others are regulated by the state government or are federally mandated. Driving a truck with double or triple trailers or a tank may need more special endorsements. Those, who want to get any type of CDL or other certificates need to pass a skill test and several other exams. Other requirements include:
- Be over 18 years old to drive intrastate;
- Be a US resident;
- Provide Medical Examination Report Form;
- Pass vision test;
- Get identity and SSN verified;
- Pass the driving exam.
Once you are a college student who wants to pursue the career of a truck driver, you need to start working for your goal. It takes much time and effort to become a successful truck driver, especially if you are still a college student. Fortunately, the online market offers a range of paper helper services that will assist you with the studies, while you are working on your truck driver career.
Are you ready to make your dream come true? Check out the most affordable, professional, and quality driver training schools that will help you become a pro.

US Truck Driver Training School

Located in Sterling Heights, MI, it is the leading truck driving school that offers quality training in 35 qualifications. Depending on the certificate and level of expertise you want to obtain, the education program may last for 8 hours up to 3 months. The cost will vary accordingly, ranging from $2500 to $9000.
No matter if you want to get a CDL certificate, Tractor Trailer Training, Hazmat Endorsement, Class A or Class B license, you will obtain a complex knowledge, both theoretical and practical. Professional, qualified, and well-trained staff will share valuable experience and help you start a career in the transportation industry.

Arbuckle Truck Driving School

Arbuckle Truck Driving School provides training not only for newcomers, who are just exploring the industry but also for qualified drivers who need a refresher course. Classroom sessions, behind-the-wheel driving on the public highways, hands-on training for maneuvers are only a few parts of the training you will get. The professional staff will give you the maximum information about truck driving and will introduce you to the industry. Modern equipment, skillful instructors and up-to-date teaching techniques are the key advantages of the truck driving school.

CRST Driving Academy

The absence of a college certificate is not a problem if you come to study at CRST Driving Academy. It takes only 4 weeks to get a class A CDL driving certificate and start working on the fulfillment of your dream.
The applicants should be over 21 year old to pursue the profession of a truck driver. After graduation from the CRST, you will have sufficient knowledge and experience necessary for countless opportunities. High-tech trucks, modern equipment, qualified instructors, and other benefits are offered for the academy students.